3 products I don’t want to live without

I’ve been browsing some beauty sites recently, knowing full well I don’t need anything but still wishing to update my usual routine. As I was eyeing numerous new releases, I thought about the products I have been using every day so far this year, and I came up with 3 I can (but don’t want…

what a week without makeup taught me

Okay, so remember my post about foundation becoming less important? I noticed myself still relying on concealing my under-eyes or other “insecurities”, which is kind of annyoing. So I’m giving a week without makeup a go. Let’s see how I got on. Day 1 My skin is doing pretty good at the moment (touch all…

4 Cheap Tips For Decorating

I live in a rented flat which means many things that make a home a home are not allowed (sometimes I forget my walls are a weird creamy yellow colour, but never for long). Decorating a place takes time. Just last week I took apart a chest of drawers after realising I didn’t even use…

Winter Wardrobe

Despite cruelty-free and vegan makeup being so readily available, ethical clothing is still a huge issue. As a student I also find my choices somewhat limited.

Reflecting on 2017

As you’re reading this I’m probably on a train heading down south to England – it’s a long and tedious journey but I have my Homo Deus by Y. N. Harrari with me so there’s that.

Christmas in Edinburgh

This is my third year living in Scotland and I finally got around to visiting Edinburgh at Christmas time.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

Let me make something clear. This beauty launch was probably one of the most anticipated events of the industry in SOME time. Rihanna is known for delivering pure quality and she does not disappoint with Fenty Beauty.

NYE Look

If you know me at all, then you’re familiar with the fact I am not great at two of the following things: makeup and style. But here I am anyway, sharing my what is probably going to end up being my New Years Eve look. Enjoy! Or not, it’s your life.

Ditch Your New Years Resolutions

If you haven’t at some point in your life set yourself a two-digit number-worth of new years resolutions, then you’re probably doing it right.

Christmas Gift Guide

If you’re scrambling for some last-minute gift ideas, this might be of help.

B. Beauty Shielding Primer

Superdrug’s own B. Beauty skincare is a great affordable-yet-efficient brand full of products you’ll love. Here’s the latest on the B. Protected Anti-pollution Shielding Primer SPF 30.

What’s In My Bag (University Edition)

I can’t believe in my year of blogging I’ve never done one of these! To be honest, it’s probably not the most exciting post as I don’t tend to carry all that much. But here it is.